• Sarah Margaret Henry

Anything You Make Is Better than the Masterpiece Inside Your Head

While many writers, and creators in general, suffer from some sort of creative block, us perfectionists have an increased challenge when putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

We’re afraid to start because we’re afraid to fail.

We have these grand ideas in our heads about our Great American Novel, our Nobel Prize winning piece, our Pulitzer worthy poem and we’re afraid to start because in the back of our heads we know that what we make won’t, and can't, measure up.

In doing so, we fail to see that the crappiest scribble we can manage before we pass out at the end of our 9-5 is better than anything we have in our heads.

Because the scribble actually exists.

Most of us became creators because we’re filled to the brim with dreams and we have an undying urge to bring them into the world in whatever medium we know best (or whatever comes to us most easily).

But the fact is that these dreams are meaningless to anyone besides ourselves until we can speak them into existence.

By even just sending a text to a friend about an idea you’ve got, you’ve created something that can give meaning to someone else. We possess the unique ability to convey these dreams to others through an almost infinite means: from something as simple as a conversation to a full scale musical production to a fifty foot mural on the side of a building.

But any expression at all, no matter how small, brings that dream we have stuck in our back pockets into existence for someone other than yourself.

We have to surrender and know that there is no way to replicate exactly an experience that happened to you or in your mind; there’s no way to compete with that vivacity, that touch, that full body immersion into that experience.

But the way we can try to explain that vivid experience is through the metaphor of art.

And the only way we can start to do so is begin.


What project have you never had the courage to start? Tell us in the comments or message me in the chat box! It's the first step in making it come true and I'd love to be your cheerleader.

This is the very reason why I love my patrons so much; my Patreon is filled with half baked, random ideas and snippets of poems and books and all sorts of stuff that comes to me at 1:00am and it's a minefield of ideas that are way more valuable than any project that only exists inside my head. My patrons are the best cheerleaders in the world and I love them so much!

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