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How to Get Paid to Snuggle Dogs

Running with Snorkels is one of the few reasons I'm willing to break a sweat.

When you're having a down day and nothing seems to go your way, how quickly does seeing a dog bolting towards you with a big stupid grin with all the unconditional love the world could possibly pack into such a small body bring a smile to your face?

Who doesn't love telling a pupper what a good boy he is?

When I'm down, no matter how badly I'm feeling, there's rarely a time when petting a dog doesn't cheer me up, at least a little bit.

Then one day I started thinking; since I love dogs so much, why don't I make money spending time with them?

And that's when a friend suggested I try #Rover. Rover is an awesome site that connects sitters and pet owners so you don't have to do the legwork of marketing yourself. I logged on, set up my profile, paid the $25 fee to get a background check, and I was good to go. I was officially a dog sitter. Soon enough, the requests started pouring in. In the year I've been a sitter, I've made thousands of dollars with my dog loving side hustle. This process has been especially amazing because I work from home as a freelancer, so as long as I have an internet connection, I can work from any house I'm dog sitting for.

So how can you set yourself apart from other sitters? Here are three tips to make yourself the best dog lover you can be.

Now I know this post is all about dogs, but I cat sit, too! This was after the naughty boy tried stealing my coffee. Is nothing sacred?

1. Be extremely responsive.

Clients will more often than not reach out to multiple sitters at once in order to make sure they can find someone to take care of their fur baby. An almost immediate, thoughtful, and courteous reply will set you apart from the rest. Be extremely friendly and be sure to use their dog's name in the conversation so they know you're making your responses personal. They want to know that you'll care for their pup as well as they would! Set up a meet and greet as soon as you can to secure your place as their chosen sitter.

Apparently I dog sit parrots, too? This lovely lady really enjoyed my shoulder. The perfect pooch perch for giving kisses.

2. Send a BUNCH of pictures.

Once you've locked in your stay, be sure to send frequent updates on what you and your new buddy are up to. Make sure the owner sees how much fun their baby is having with you. Be descriptive with their quirky behaviors so they know the dog is comfortable enough around you to act like themselves.

3. Leave the place spotless.

When the owners return from vacation or a business trip, they want to see that you respected their home as much as their dog. Wash all the dishes you used, make the bed, make sure the dog has enough food and water, leave the key under the mat (or wherever they ask you to leave it), and leave the house as tidy, or tidier, than when they left it. As you leave, send them a text with the list of all you did and thank them for the opportunity you had to spend time with their precious angel, even if they decided that this weekend they should act like a hellhound. They'll really appreciate how professionally you've taken care of their home and dog, and more often than not, they will then take the time to leave a stellar review.

Are you a dog sitter? How do you set yourself apart? Leave a comment below on tips and tricks you've picked up!

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