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Making Space for Succulents: How to Make the Most of Plants in Your Home

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Keeping plants in your home can play a major role in improving your personal health. Studies analyzing the perks that come from a green thumb continue to prove time and time again that caring for even a few plants can improve your mood and physical health.

Adding some greenery to your house or apartment can:

Want to reap the rewards of sewing seeds? You've come to the right place. Here are some tips to maximizing the impact of adding some plants to your home.

1. Pick the Right Plants

Before you do anything else, you need to assess:

  • Your know-how as a planter: If you're known as a notorious plant killer, pick a plant that would take genuine skill to kill.

  • The conditions in your home: Even if you are an excellent plant parent, if your place doesn't have enough sun, plants like lavender will have a tough time thriving. Make sure your home has the right amount of sun, shade, humidity, and exposure necessary for the plants you choose.

  • Your availability: Again, even if you are an excellent gardener, if you leave frequently for business trips, plants like irises will not succeed due to their need for water.

Once you've decided on the best plants for your apartment or house, it's time to choose how and where to plant them!

2. Pick the Right Planters

While choosing the right soil is important when potting your plants, picking the right planter has more to do with your personal aesthetic than the plant's health. As long as the planter is big enough for you plant's particular root growth, you'll be good to go!

This is where you can get creative. If you're into sustainability, shop at your local thrift store and pick up over-sized coffee mugs, old fishbowls, or even vintage tins. Your imagination is the only limit!

If you're looking for something a little more polished, try shopping small before you head to Target. Here are some great Etsy shops that specialize in providing pots for your plants!

  • GracesGardenCo: This small shop has some adorable, hand-painted planters if you want to keep your display simple and classy.

  • RedOakRoad: If you want for more of a woodsy, rustic look, this shop has some awesome aged-wood garden beds to check out! They have all different sizes, and even have a reclaimed wood section if you're into sustainability!

  • WhiteCircleHomewares: If you'd like something simple, homey, and sophisticated, check out this shop's fabric planters. They come in a bunch of colors and designs, so see if what they've got is right for you!

3. Pick the Right Place

If you're rocking the apartment life, finding a spot to store your plants can be tough! Especially since you have to take the plant's sunlight and temperature needs into account.

These shelves and stands from East Hill Supply can give you some really great ideas on storage for your planters! If you choose to buy anything here, use the code SHENRY5 to get 5% off your purchase! You'll save money and help support the blog at the same time.

Here are my personal favorites:

1. Hanging Plant Holder

This one is my personal favorite.

I love the contemporary-boho look it gives with its simple, angular design.

But the best part?

It hangs from your ceiling, so you don't need to sacrifice floor space to any planters. This way your plants are up and out of the way - an especially important feature if you have pets or young kids - but not out of sight.

You could put some simple succulents up there, but I think it would look excellent with some draping ivy.

2. Two-Tier Plant Stand

This planter works really well for small pots, and it doesn't take up much floor-space at all. The option to stack two plants makes this an excellent way to conserve space while showcasing multiple plants! You could feature two of the same or show two contrasting plants depending on your style.

Its elegant, understated design would look excellent in a rustic or contemporary farmhouse-style home. The wrought-iron could also work really well in a white or neutral color scheme.

3. Staircase Plant Stand

Wish your home had a spiral staircase?

If you don't feel like springing for a human-sized one, having one for your plants is just as good! Right?

This unique planter has four steps for you to showcase four unique or matching plants. The classy wrought-iron look will match perfectly in a rustic or contemporary farmhouse home. It's adorable, unique, and again, takes up very little square-footage when it comes to floor space.

You could do some really interesting, intricate things with a trailing ivy plant, or keep it simple with color coordinating pots.

Since it's one color, you've got a blank palate to spruce up however you see fit!

4. Industrial Style Wall Shelf

This shelf option would look great in a modern or industrial home. It gives off warehouse-converted-into-chic-apartments-a-la-New-Girl vibes, and I absolutely love it. You can mix and match the shelves with a mixture of art and plants, since the varying widths of the shelves gives you a variety of options to play with. You can even use the top as a hanging bar.

Again, if you decide that any of these shelves are for you, use the code SHENRY5 to get 5% off your order and help support our blog at the same time!

Are you already a plant lover? How do you choose to display your greenery? Give us your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

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