• Sarah Margaret Henry

Oh, well, hello there

Fancy meeting you here on this non-descript theoretical day in which you happened upon this site that I previously made on a Friday afternoon.

Charmed, I'm sure.

This is me! That's my face and arms!

My name is Sarah.

But that's rather uninteresting, as there are, at moment of publication, 836,901 other Sarahs in the US alone.

I am many things: photographer, coffee connoisseur (and by that I mean I'll drink anything that isn't Breakfast Blend or decaf), proud bunny mom, videographer, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan.

But, perhaps most importantly, I am a writer.

I knew this by the time I was five. I listened to my chemist - turned librarian grandmother read to me and tricked my parents into reading to me again while getting tucked into bed.

As soon as I could pick up a pencil in my grubby little baby hands, I sensed there was a certain power to it. It had meaning.

With only this marker, pen, or crayon and this paper, notebook, or muslin on the back of mommy's favorite chair, I could make something beyond myself.

I am a poet, author, short story writer, academic, and now I've decided to add the title "blogger" to this growing list. I've already picked up vlogging (and you can explore those efforts here), but since I have always known writing to be one of the largest facets of my identity, I figured I might as well give this a go.

Welcome aboard, intrepid friends. Let's see where this pipe dream goes.

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