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Why Adele and Sam Smith Are the Powerhouses You Need to Get Through Any Break-Up

Regardless of your race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender identification, or religious affiliation, there is one definitive rule of the universe that unites us all under one common truth.

jessica day break up new girl
We've all been there, Jess.

Break-ups suck.

Rejection on any level, whether it be from a company with your dream job or the toddler that starts to cry as soon as she's placed in your lap, it always stings to be told that you aren't the right fit. This experience is especially painful coming from someone that you cared about deeply enough to consider them your closest partner. Even if the love has faded over time, there is pain in loss on any level.

But what are we to do? Hang onto this pain until it becomes our very identity? We can't sit around eating ice cream and watching the Titanic alone in our apartment til the end of time. As a sufferer of lactose intolerance, I have a more pressing need to leave this stage as soon as humanely possible than most.

So I've come up with a fool-proof plan to overcome any heartbreak: a comprehensive playlist of the two most decadent crooners of our age.

That's right, folks. It's time to say Hello to none other than Adele and Sam Smith and let them teach us a thing or two about overcoming heartbreak.

sam smith adele

1. Someone Like You

Where to begin? Arguable one of the most heartbreaking ballads of the modern era. In order to get through the pain, you have to let yourself feel the pain. Give yourself a good cry, swaddle yourself in an inordinate amount of blankets, and watch P.S. I Love You. Pain demands to be felt. So feel it you must.

2. Palace

We're keeping it slow here, folks. You've still got the blankets, you've still got the pain, but this song brings us to a more level headed space than stalking your ex-lover where he lives with his new family. While there is regret for the loss of love, you start to understand that there was meaning to this relationship, even though it has now come to a close. You understand that when you love someone, you both grow, and that growing is not a waste of time. When you finally do move on, your new lover will "love the better you."

3. Water Under the Bridge

We're picking up the tempo a bit here. Open up the windows, let some fresh air in to breath something other than the three-days-without-a-shower musk you're currently rocking. Still questioning why the relationship ended the way it did, but starting to move towards that acceptance we started to build up to in the last song. If it has to end, at least "let me down gently" and don't disregard the love we had before.

4. One Last Song for You

The mood is stable and we're working towards that closure that we need. You understand that while there was a loss, it's time to move along and let there be one last song dedicated to the one who left you behind.

It's time to move forward now.

5. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

This brings us to the part we hate the most: the ex posting pictures with their new squeeze on Insta. No matter how over them you are, it still stings to see them looking at someone else the way they used to look at you. It takes a new level of patience and self-control to be able to wish their new boo the best and hope their new relationship is happier than the one you both used to have.

6. Baby, You Make Me Crazy

Now here's the final pick me up. In a delightful acoustic, you realize that all you ever needed to thrive was around you this whole time: your "favorite rhythms" and the "ones who listen." The memories will drive you crazy for a little while longer, but you now know you have the tools to move along.


So what do you think? Did I miss a hit? Comment below if you think there are more Sam Smith and Adele songs that belong on this list.

And obviously, it will take months, maybe years, to get to this level of confidence, but some day, we can all hope to be Gloria Gaynor.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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